Equal height columns

I have been reading about setting equal height columns in Blocs and lots of the references are to the panel bloc. As there is no Panel bloc in Blocs 3, is there any updated code/js that can be used in instead, maybe for the card stack?

I have tried @Bill’s equal height bric in Bloc’s 3 but could not get it to work


Depends what your trying to make equal. Have you tried holding the Shift key and dragging the lines to add the margins etc?

Screenshot will be helpful to see the issue

Have you tried something like this? A card bric in each column but with differing amounts of content. Just select the column and choose the alignment option on the far right, which will extend them to match the length of the tallest item.

This used to be really fiddly in Blocs 2, but now it’s easy.


If you want to do something without using a card, such as a header and text you’ll first need to place them inside a Div.