Error in Video bric after hosting

One more time I need help from the community.

When I was trying to help @robcrouch with the following topic: Live stream audio player )(.m3u)

I create a video bric and when I preview the page everything is OK, in Safari, Google, and in Solis, but then I export the project to my hosting and nothing works or appears. Can someone please try?

Many thanks in advance.

Well there I go to get help from @eldar again.

Please @eldar can you check if is an error of blocs please? Or maybe you @Flashman?

It played for me inside Blocs. After exporting to a domain it just had a blank page, but Brave rather helpfully indicated this was blocked due to being insecure content. It’s linking to a feed on a non SSL page and I think that may be part of your problem.

In my case it isn’t because my hosting, even the domain that use for tests is HTTPS… coukd be an error so?
And that’s exactly what happened a blank page after exporting in domain, but correctly in preview…

My hosting is all https as well, but your feed is a non https link. I’m guessing the browsers are blocking this content for some reason.

Ah… understand now… you mean the feed from @robcrouch?

Yes that’s the problem. It was also an unusual format and I wondered if that was a potential issue.