Error on PHP code in HTML bric

I was trying to move some PHP login code from the page settings to a HTML bric. The code works fine while included in the page settings but when I move it to a HTM bric. I keep getting the following error when testing also after publishing!


Any ideas why this error occurs or how to resolve?

Hello @eagle do you have a form included in the php script? If yes, @Norm is aware of this comportment, and has it on his list.

Make sure the code widget is set to not preview in the design canvas (option in sidebar)

Yes it has a form included.


Do have it set to not preview…


Yes not preview. This prevents the php being escaped when it is run within the HTML Dom renderer.

You may need to re-enter your code if it’s already escaped.

@Norm I worded the previous post poorly… I was saying I did have it set to “not preview” all along and had the problem.

What about what @webplus said about a problem with having a form in the PHP using the HTML brick? Are you aware of this issue and if so where is it in your “Long List of updates”? If it is way down the road I will try a different approach.

Thanks for all your hard work!

I’ll take a look now.

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All fixed and ready for beta build 4 (maybe today or tomorrow).