Every bloc deserves a name

It really bugs me that individual blocs don’t have specific names. Something we can all reference is needed.

I sometimes find myself looking at a project and just don’t know which bloc has been used for a specific purpose, so a game of rifling through the different sections begins and randomly clicking on Blocs that look like they may be right. This is a time killer and just seems so counterproductive, especially when the line between different categories of blocs is sometimes blurred.

Also when we are discussing points as a group or indeed offering feedback, it would be so much easier if we could all point to something with a common name. When I use Stacks in Rapidweaver, every stack has a name, which is easy to identify, so when I click on a stack that name becomes visible and I immediately know what it is. I can even use the search box to locate a stack by name. As more blocs are created this will become more of an issue.

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wehen setiing up a project it might end uo with 50+ blocs.

being able to call each bloc by name (not ID) would be a releve.

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