Exchange the SCROLL TO TOP icon

hi community

does anybody know how to change the arrow icon in the class/button?
thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Hello @michaelokraj

That icon comes from the font awesome library/font.
You can overide and change the icon number like this:

Go into Page > Settings > Add Code and in the Header add this:

.fa-chevron-up:before {
    content: "\f164";

And you should have a thumb up icon.

Go to Font Awesome and pick the icon/number you want to use.

Hope this helped! :nerd_face:

/ Johny


hi @Jakerlund

here is my reply:

.fa-chevron-up:before { content: "\f598"; }

check this code! :slight_smile:

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I get this thingy :face_with_monocle:


it was supposed to be:

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Ah… lovely :sunglasses:

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