Expand a block with a button and disappearance of it

There is a very interesting example on Eldar’s site: http://blocsmaster.com/website.html
In the “CURRICULUM” section, the text is expanded by clicking on a button I get this in interaction / toggle visibility.
But how do I turn the button off after pressing it?

I would like to compliment Eldar and his very interesting courses. Maybe the solution is there but I did not put it in time to see everyone :slight_smile:

Hello @blasco,

Thank you for the kind words!

You are right, the curriculum section was build using the toggle visibility feature in interaction section.
To hide the button after pressing it, just give the bloc with a button the ID, and put this ID as one of the IDs you want to toggle visibility for upon the pressing of this button.

Does that make sense? Take a look at the screenshots.

Right!!! Thanks Eldar;)

I’ve done this a couple of times with a ‘read more’ formatted text link swapping to a ‘close’ link.

Also with a button several times on my site.