Export > Generate Package... Empty assets folder?

I’ve packaged, or attempted to package, a project for distribution. I’ve selected Export > Generate Package, but the resulting export has an empty asset folder, and when sharing the project the assets (images, favicon etc.) are missing.

Am I doing something wrong?


Have checked this:


Thanks, I had read that but it doesn’t really cover the issue.

I have selected “Embed Assets”, but the assets folder of the generated package is still empty. The assets are all appearing in the Asset Manager, and for me, on my computer, everything is fine. But, once I’ve generated a package within Blocs, zipped the folder and sent it to someone when they unzip it and load the project they get the missing asset warning, and as I say, the assets folder is empty.

Can’t work out if it’s a bug or if I’m doing something wrong.


Have you tried exporting the HTML project and then doing a zip?

Aha, that did seem to work. I had tried that previously, but it didn’t work too well. But, in the meantime I have selected embed images, so maybe that’s the trick.

EDIT: Hold on, no, balls that won’t work. That’s just the files for publishing to the server, it’s not a self-contained project, so it’s not a solution.

Thanks anyway.

I think the issue is probably being caused by how you set up the project at the outset. If you start a project, Blocs appears to select embed project assets by default in the global settings. If you deselect that option before you start building your page, the assets added to your page will be exported in the assets folder when the project is packaged. If you leave deselection of the embed assets option until after you’ve created content, the assets tend to already embedded in the project file itself, so when you export a package, the asset folder will be empty.

Thanks, but not entirely sure I follow that. I didn’t deselect embed assets at the start, when I started that project I didn’t even know what that was.

Regardless, there has to be a way to have the project export with all the assets in the project or in the assets folder. Just hope @Norm or someone who understands how export and assets works comes along soon.

Are the projects assets embedded?

Projects with embedded assets don’t require the package feature, its all just in the single Blocs file.

@Norm When I started the project I didn’t unselect embed assets, so I’d assume, if it’s on by default, they were embedded.

Before attempting to save the project I’ve once more clicked to embed assets. I then zipped the project and sent to another machine of mine also running Blocs. On launch, it says the favicon is missing. I’ve heard from people that have tried the project previously that some have also had a missing favicon, and some other random images.

I don’t think this is anything I’m doing wrong, but happy to be proven wrong.

If you need me to try anything, let me know.

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Yeah I have a few issues logged for missing favicons on embedded Asset projects, fix will probably be included in 3.4.3 beta build 2 (this week)

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Good to know, thanks.

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