Export Issues (Solved)

When I export (quick or standard) Im not getting any .html files, assets, content etc.
In Blocs, when I click on preview and cog (top left) i get a “general code” error siting the target HTML file:244 on every page, e.g. home page = GLOBAL CODE - index.html:244 can’t find $
These html files do not appear on my local computer anywhere. Its as if Blocs hasn’t created them, even though the whole website functions fine within Blocs and in Preview mode.

When I export, all I get are two folders: Content and Template

Within the Content I have:
media - just branding, none of my content
pages - all txt files

Theres no index.html or image folder or anything???

What’s going wrong? If I create a new file, it all works correctly.

Old versions of website used to Export:
Img (with all my content)

etc etc

i have exactly the same problem… i search for a fast help…

I have never seen this before. What version of Blocs are you using? Can you post a picture showing your export settings?

I use Blocs 3.4.2 … the page type is always html and I did everything like always. I took two pictures for you: the export settings and how it looks when I export the page.

Are you using some kind of content management system? That doesn’t look at all normal.


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oh there was the problem… seems like I changed something there and forget it… now its working :smiley: sorry and thanks for your help.

you have the CMS set to Pulse in project settings


Export is as vanessa posted, Pulse had been selected! DOH!

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