Export minified css & HTML vs Quick export

Quick export shows javascript added in Page settings:

Export project using minfied css & HTML:

Preview is fine but after upload two versions.

Does anyone else has a similar experience?

No. Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache?

Yes, Cache completely, or hard refresh as Norm calls it.

Allways the same. I tried with many former days saved project now in both ways.

Plus, and that seem very strange - everthing saved with beta 8 the last two days is completley gone.
Neither quick export nor project upload although in the preview.
Looks like those work days are gone.

Very strange, really annoying

Post a link to the file into support I’ll take a look tomorrow see what’s up.

Hello @Norm,

Just as a quick info.
Now tested with 2.3.1 released.
Quick export ok
Projekt export with minified CSS without HTML ok.
Projekt export with all options still makes the copyright script below footer invisible.