Exporting Options Choices

Is there any documentation regarding the Exporting Options?
Has anyone made a video tutorial for Blocs 3 on Exporting Settings?
When to / not to check options.
What are the benefits and detriment of each choice?
Are there times and what are they to chose Minify for each one of the choices?
When do we choose Lazy Loading?
Now we have Clean URL… check or not?
Oh wait and one more Cache Bust CSS and JS… what?


@Norm, @Jakerlund @Flashman @MDS @Eldar

Minify will nake your site slightly quicker like we’re taking mili seconds. Lazy loading will load your site quicker as it won’t load photos in until you reach that position on the page. The disadvantage of minify is its impossible to work on the file after export to an extent. Cache bust just makes sure that new visitors see the updated sections of your site.

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