Extension Manager upgrade Brics

Hello everybody. I only found out now that thanks to the new versions of Blocs in the Extension Manager it displays the upgrades of the installed Brics.
I wanted to update the Swiper version by @Lucas (I had stayed at 1.0.3) but it didn’t show that there was an upgrade.
I therefore had to follow the classic procedures by connecting to the site, downloading the updated bric, uninstalling the old one, etc etc …
So in Extension Manager he didn’t see he could download the upgrade … Am I wrong in something?

There was a bug in the extension manager some time ago that was fixed, however it required every custom bric to be reinstalled before it would work properly. Having said that Swiper has had update problems reported more than once on this forum, including myself and I do think there has been an issue there.

The new feature on the extension manager is certainly a nice convenience … of course having to reinstall all the bric is the price to pay! :slight_smile:
thank you for your support