External Assets Library Idea

So I like to use a lot of external assets from royalty-free websites. My process (much like many others) is:

  1. Go to a website that offers free assets
  2. Download the asset(s)
  3. Import the asset(s) into Blocs

My idea is to add a tab in the Blocs ‘Assets’ panel that displays assets from external royalty-free websites and displays the assets just like how Blocs displays their assets. And Bloc’s users can scroll through a library of royalty-free assets and import them into their project with just one click (instead of using the above process).

A few websites I use for royalty-free assets are:

I know that there is the ability to add ‘Hosted Assets’, but I don’t like using it because I feel like it is not reliable due to the fact that if that asset owner decides to stop hosting it, your website will be left without the asset.

This is just a thought, and I am pretty sure this will help the majority of users a lot.

Thanks in advance, and I would love to hear what others think about this.