Extra space on right side on ipad, iphone. Centering inconsistencies

my site previews fine in blocs, but on export, there is (scrollable) extra space on the right hand side. On iPad, it shows up not centred, but floated left, and you are able to drag over and see a bunch of extra space on the right. On the iPhone, it comes up centred, but the extra space is still there.

I thought to do margin:0 auto on the body, but how do you do that? Can I not target body from the style manager? Can’t seem to type anything into it without it turning into a class. Norm will be swearing at me for not understanding yet. Sorry!

What is the best way in Blocs to get a responsive site which shows up simply centred on all devices? Do i need to do meta device width?

obviously i’m doing things wrong. I just looked at the site i’m building, from the web on my actual phone, and it’s just showing the desktop site. Not responsive at all. ??

Check out page settings, fixed viewport, that toggles the responsiveness on devices: https://help.blocsapp.com/page-settings/

Post a live link if you can and I’ll take a look at the extra space and get a fix in place.

yes, that fixed the extra space, as well as the responsiveness problem. Thanks! I misunderstood the fixed viewport checkbox, thinking if i left it unchecked, the site would be responsive, but the user would still be able to pinch zoom. From the user documentation:

Fixed Viewport
A fixed viewport means a user on a mobile device cannot pinch and zoom in when viewing your website. Disabling this would allow the user to pinch zoom.

This isn’t true. With it checked, the site is now responsive, yet if the user wants to see something closer, they can zoom.

So now for the next thing: (and could you please tell me if you’d prefer that i start a new thread for a new topic?)
For a gallery, how do you deal with the fact that clicking a lightbox preview on a phone actually shows a smaller version? I see why, but maybe I could get just the scrolling lightbox previews without the popup or something?

see citiesinsync.com/gallery.html (on a phone)