Extra text stored in the footer

Text in the footer on every page, even if it doesn’t appear in any block in the program.
I copied the text of the link page from the published page and edited it again for the blocs website.
Screenshot from the page. The extra text appears in the footer. Developer tools (1) opens from the link at the top of the picture.
Web Inspector - localhost - (picture 2)

Would it be enough for me to clear the footer and save and recreate?

Sorry, don’t understand ; what is the goal and peoblem ?

From what i (don’t :smile:) understand :

  1. Copying from html published (offline or online ?) to the editor… not sure it is good :-/
  2. If your question is « is it ok with links » pasted from the published page ? No if your published page is offline (it takes wrong url of links)

I may be wrong as i don’t understand your purpose/problem/question.

Did you happen to copy that content into the footer input zone? either in page settings or the code editor. Because it would show up like that.

I’ve tried an empty footer, didn’t help. Two pictures, the first is the web inspector of the blocs page. There is extra text before .
I made the second picture in such a way that from the blocs menu, show with a browser (Firefox) and there the extra text is below .
Difficult to redo the site, so it would be good to solve this problem.

As I mentioned above, but let me rephrase, check the code editor and look in the footer zones (probably project as you say it’s on all pages), because if you have text there, that’s how it would show.

Your challenge is right in front of you on the image. There’s a piece of text not between tags. It’s up to you what you want to do with this: :thinking:

  1. Put the text in between tags <> </> if it has a function
  2. Delete the text
  3. Cut the text and paste it into the footer
  4. Wrap it as a code comment to hide /** **/
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Thanks for the replies. I finally found a program (Brackets) that allowed me to remove the extra text and save the corrected one replacing the incorrect one. At the same time, I changed the whole package to an external hard drive. One thing still puzzled me: how can a website with a few pages of approx. 40 images with blocs parts be 4.67 GB? The pictures are larger in jpg format and the same in smaller webp format.
I think the size of the site should be a few hundred MB max.

Now I am again enjoying the design of the site and the possibilities of Blocs-5.1.3-b2.

Happy autumn everyone!
If a sentence is puzzling, it is because of the Google translation from Finnish to English.

Again, I just noticed Window>Code Editor. Now I can use it to remove extra text from the footer directly on the page.