Fade in delay question

I am playing with the delay on the fade in on a bric. There seems to be a maximum delay, so the question is kind of in two parts.

Is there anyway of getting the delay to be triggered based on the appearance of the previous bric?

Alternatively, is there anyway of extending the delay period beyond those displayed in the drop down?

I think you mean the previous bloc? (which would be the equivalent of the option to animate when the component appears on screen).

I’m curious what you use-case is for delays over 3 seconds? I can understand that the timing may appear limiting, but I kinda see that as a good thing because it’s a diminishing return assaulting the user with timed animations.

I confess that this is an oddity, and 3 seconds and up is not the norm. But in this case it is a single page teaser of what is to come, hence the desire for the unusual delay. Usually a viewer would become bored at sub 2 seconds :grinning:

Then perhaps add some interaction with a button that could then scroll/reveal and an animation could begin.

I think user interaction is always more powerful than passivity.

…oh and you could always edit the end result to change the delay, I suppose… (but I haven’t checked how easy that is)

Thanks @Pauland I will have a play, really like your interaction idea.