Fade in/out introduction

Does anybody know if it’s possible in Blocs to have a single coloured background with nothing except a logo or image that fades in and then fade out before showing the normal home page in a seamless transition? In this case I want it to fade to an image gallery.

It’s something I’ve had on an existing site for years, but it needs to be updated and made responsive. An added advantage of this process is that it allowed time for gallery images to load smoothly in the background.

Does anybody have an idea of how this can be done with Blocs? Here is an example https://edwardsphotography.co.uk

It also demonstrates a real lightbox I’ve been asking for…I think it probably is a lightbox that has the option to set the transition from image to image to fade-in , slide, fade out and a few other settings.

It’s a bit heavy, code wise but there are other light boxes that are very “light or lighter” anyway code wise that will do this.

I just have not seen one for Blocs yet with the thumbnails…I think Bill was going to give it a try…maybe that fade effect could be included.

The same effect can be applied to text.

In the web link above I believe the transition is used primarily so that the slideshow can load smoothly in the background. Whatever the reason it’s a nice effect allowing for a more graceful page presentation.

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