Fades makes brics invisible

I’m composing a gallery with two rows of pictures. If I choose to animate them with fade-ins the lower row stays invisible in the browser, until I scroll down. Being a total newbee (on this otherwise fantastic software!) I assume that there is a concept here that I don’t yet understand. I the brics are not animated with fades the all show up when entering the gallery page.

Here’s the page, unanimated though:

Can someone please help me?

/ Nanoq

I think Norm answered your question on March 23.

Here is a copy of his post:

Hey, sorry there is not an option built in, animations are triggered when they appear on screen. If you want all animations to load at start they would not be visible so kinda pointless unless you have a loop anim that never ends.

You could edit the the blocs.js file to not trigger animation on visibility, remove line 23.

animateWhenVisible(); // Activate animation when visible

Take care to export and not minify the blocs.js file.

Hope this is what you wanted!!


Thanks! I am clearly not trying to use the fade animation function the way it should be. I’m not making a scroll-down page with brics fading in as the viewer scrolls down. I just wanted all the brics to fade in as the viewer entered the page. If a bric then is partly hidden from the screen it will then remain invisible.

I don’t quite understand what the instruction on editing the blocs.js file would do. Will it make my brics fade in even though parts of them are off-screen? Or something else?

Thanks for a great app by the way!