Favicons Not Working

Suddenly Blocs will doesn’t generate favicons on any of my projects. Using .png files via the Project Settings options but nada. Have re-installed Blocs, restarted, tested different .png sizes. Nothing seems to make a difference.

Any one else having similar issues?

The same issue here: First, I add a icon.png file with size 16x16 via the Project Settings. After export, the browser tells me that the file icon.ico is missing. Of course it is missing as Blocs exported the icon.png file instead of a icon.ico file.
Blocs version 3.4.2

I had this same issue with a site I’m currently working on. It’s worked fine on older versions of Blocs, but not working in 3.4.3 bb3. In looking at the exported HTML, I see that the favicon simply didn’t get exported. It’s nowhere to be found. So if you manually place it at the root level of your directory after export, it’ll work just fine. Warm Regards, Randy

It’s a known issue and addressed in 3.4.4b1 I think.