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If I may, I’ve got two suggestions for @norm, both relating to exporting.

  1. This one is to ease life for those coming over from RW: Can there be the option to have a doc auto-saved when an export is performed? I know this feature won’t appeal to many, but if like me you are a longtime RW user, you’ve gotten used to having the work saved when you publish. I’ve been caught out a few times by forgetting to save as well as export. I know this seems like a small thing, but if it’s poss to have an option in settings to perform a save at the same time as an export, it might save other RW’ers form losing work.

  2. The other is to streamline the export process: Is it poss to remove the “publish everything or just changed files” popup? Maybe have the option to select a default in settings with a way to quickly overrule it, like perhaps an export and export everything option? More than a few times I’ve started an eport via keyboard shortcut, moved to my FTP client, done a sync, looked at the published page, found the changes haven’t been applied, gone back to Blocs only to find it sitting at the “full or changed” export popup.


  1. Some backup controls are coming next year.

  2. I could pro ad a pref to force this yes.


Hello @Norm, I like to add one more feature request to the export process. If you work with multiple projets,it would be nice if the default export path/folder is relied to each project and not global.

So on exporting project A the last used export path for project A is opened and when working on project B the last export path from project B is opened by default. Hope this is understandable?

Best regards

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I just export everything to a general folder called Blocs Exports, so you might find 20 projects in there. When exporting the updated version of a site it simply replaces the one that was there before without affecting the others.

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Good idea :+1:

You can that and then rely on your FTP client with a local bookmark to the specific named folder. It all works smoothly, but sometimes I have to change that local FTP bookmark if I save the project with a new name like example_v2. This is because Blocs always uses the project name as the export name.

Would be great if offer any extent for working with wordpress (theme development or modifications)
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Hey @doublebassist that’s coming.

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