Feedback about this work

Could you give me a feedback and impressions about this simple website I’m building in blocs for an Italian company?

tx in advance

I don’t want to seem pushy or difficult, but a link would help :wink:

Yes, of course!

I thought about it and - yes it could help. :wink:

So simple and minimalist it doesn’t require a url. You might have a little trouble with google indexing it :grin: :wink:

sorry :slight_smile:


i edited the post, the link is:

Dobbiamo stare attenti. Ci sono i spammer dappertutto!

I think your body paragraph text could be a little bigger and darker. That could definitely be clearer and easier to read.

Your address under Dove Siamo is missing the street name. Apart from that there isn’t a huge amount to say. It’s a single page website that says who they are and what they do. The layout is generally clean, but I would try to inject a little more colour in there. It feels a bit too grey overall.

One other observation is that they have luxury fashion brands as clients. You could try using a more font that is more stylish perhaps.

tx for your feedback Flashman, about the font, which do you suggest?

I would keep the paragraph text clean and simple. You have used Montserrat, which is not a bad choice or you could try Metropolis as an alternative. I love good fonts and think they make a huge difference to the feel of a website.

For the headers you could try something like Playfair Display or Cormorant. Both are free for commercial usage as Google fonts. Another option would be something like Theano Didot. This is a free version of the classic Didot that is always popular in fashion. I have purchased lots of premium fonts, but there are some good free options nowadays as well.

Many years ago I lived in Milan and worked as a photographer with fashion & beauty clients, so I know this type of industry well.

Hiya… I’m seeing 2 scroll bars on the right hand side Safari & Chrome…

damn I’ve see it now! tx to advise me. the problem is that I don’t really know why there are 2 scroll bars. anyone can help me?

You might also want to double check the contact link on the main nav, it seems to be pointing to the client section instead of the contact form section.


Try the following to fix the issues with scrolling (double scroll bars etc), its particularly difficult to scroll on a device.

In the page header copy and paste this…

.page-container {overflow-x: unset;}

I would also go through an optimise some of those images, you have one that is 600kb.

EDIT: Fixed tags

I did it, I copied the script in the header, but it seems to me nothing changed

:rofl: :rofl:

Hey @davideakadudu,

My mistake I gave you the wrong tags for some reason. It should have been

.page-container {overflow-x: unset;}