Few more items for my wish list

I noticed that there is no image selector available on children inside a bloc , i am asking this because it would be nice to be able to add different textures to the children inside a bloc, i know it can probably be done within custom classes but easier with a image selector.
also i see you have textures on asset manager now thats good i like it, i would like it even better if i was able to add textures to the texture section with out having to add them to my asset section ( just less clutter then) any chance of being able to add textures to the texture section of the asset manager itself that way you can have them available for other projects as well.
on to the asset manager i tend to upload alot of images to this and then when i am done experimenting i have no easy way to get rid of them , can you make a mass delete on the asset manager with check boxes so we dont have to right click individually and delete.
my last wish for today is going to sound stupid i will explain why i would like it so stick with me until the end.
i would like a comment bloc- one that is not visible on previewing and exported projects only on the design end , it would export the commented text to html. the reason is two-fold i know some people are making templets from blocs it can save them time in having to go thru after exporting and commenting out ares for people to add content to.
also for designers that may have to add something to a project they haven’t worked on in a while , it will help them refresh their minds on what they have done or had to do to get things looking the way they wanted.
it would be nice also for collaboration between designers to help each other if things were commented on. maybe make it have a solid background color that is unusual like prison orange so that it is not easy to miss.

so my additions to a wish list
1.image selectors on children of blocs and ability to add textures to these children thru it
2. ability to add textures to the texture section of the asset manager to use in other projects.
3. mass delete on asset manager to remove more than one image at a time.
4. comment bloc for collaboration and templets on export for end users
5. add a simple drop animation , so say for instance to make it look like a image is being dropped onto the surface with a bounce when it lands.