File System Aggravation

Blocs moves files around in an unexpected manner. I can’t seem to wrap my head around where things are being stored.

Does the asset manager actually keep copies of the images, or does it simply retain a reference to the original location?

Additionally, when I go to export the file to the right HTML I get a lot of duplications with -1 appended to the end of them.

Can someone give me a concise guide to how to initially set up things and how I can keep track of assets as I move the working folder around on my drive.

If you choose to embed all asset in your project, the assets will be stored within the blocs project file. If you don’t embed assets, blocs will reference the assets. The best way to deal with this is to set up a folder for each project you create. This will be the destination folder for your saved project file. Within that folder, you should create an assets folder into which you can move all your assets (or copies of them). You would then add all your assets from that folder. This keeps your project file and it’s associated assets in one place and ensures you do not lose the connected assets - the project file and assets folder will stay relative to each other.
The question about file duplicates has been answered in your other thread on the subject.