Fill out and submit PDFs?

Does anyone know of a way to allow website visitors to fill out PDF forms and then submit them?

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Good question, interested in this also.

I would consult the adobe documentation therefore.

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If you have Adobe Acrobat you find all detail on how to do it here. A free option would be to create a form within blocs and save the email received as PDF. I you need more flexibility a third option could be the Contact Form Generator from PHP Jabbers and save as PDF.

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Adobe uses a subscription method and is quite expensive for their acrobat professional package. I use wondershare pdf element pro, which does a perpetual licence and is relatively easy to use

Hi @Recce43, PDF Element Pro is a great tool! However, it’s not able to solve the question.

Indeed it won’t allow you to complete it directly, and sadly neither does Adobe acrobat.

Thanks for all the feedback… I have decided that my best (and perhaps only) option at this point is to create a form from the PDF so that way a visitor can fill out the form and submit it. I can’t seem to figure out a way to do that same thing with a PDF. So now I’m wondering if I can covert a PDF into a form, or if I need to build the form from scratch…