Filter Tables

I try to create Filter Tables copying the codes on this page:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work when I write something to search.
Someone tried to do it?



i’ve tested all and it works fine for me. Sure, that you insert all the code correctly?
First create a HTML-widget and put only the whole

in it.
After that add code at the and of the page “Page > Settings > Add code > Footer”
And then put there the whole code.

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Kind regards

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Oh. Great thanks!

I wasn’t doing it properly this whole time, thinking that I just had to put the code into the HTML widget.
Thanks again.
It’s working perfectly now :slight_smile:

I’m confused by one thing. Does it mean that I have to copy the codes into the widget AND add it on the page settings each time? I tried with some codes to do only it in the widget and it’s working fine.
Is there any kind of rule/process I should follow when I want to integrate an HTML code?
Thanks again for your help


in most cases you only have to copy the whole code into the HTML-widget.
In this “special” case here, you have to do it like discribed, because the secound part of the code is called at the and of the page … so you have to put the “” part like i told you.

Kind regards and nice weekend

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Thanks a lot for your support.
I’ll enjoy doing a new table :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to do a filter on a Menu like on that webpage:

Do you know how I should do it?
I try to see which part of the code I should change, but I have to admit I’m pretty lost.

By the way, I realized that putting the whole code in the widget and the page setting was creating 2 tables (I didn’t pay attention as it as bellow).
To fix this I deleted the

part in the page settings and now I have just one table and the filter is working perfectly :slight_smile:

Sorry - but I don’t really understand what you want to ask. Can you ask your question more precisely so that I understand what kind of problem you want to solve!

On this link:
there is a part of this template called “Menu”.
Bellow the Menu I put some photos and what will be description of plates/food.
I’d like to know if I can find a way to use a filter for this plates/food, while they are presented like on the link.

Maybe it wasn’t that clear on the website.
So, I put letters under each photo and I was wondering if it was possible to use a filter letting people write something and the filter will show the menus linked to the research (here “A”, “B”,…).
Let me know if my question is clear enough now.
Thank you :slight_smile: