Final Blocs 2.3.2 curious issue

Hi guys,
wanted ask if someone but me happened to notice that when exporting a project
now (as this never happened with beta 2.3.2 or even 2.3.1) i noticed that The scroll to top button doesn’t shows up,
in SRWare Iron or Vivaldi *Chromium based (not tested in Chrome, Chromium, since i’m using the alternative ones)
its only loaded when i’m using Safari, iCab.

Can this be related to the browsers itself, or something else?

I’ll check this, it could be one of the minified resources blocs uses.

Try a fresh project to see if it’s project related…

Hi Norm,
Just tested again and even with a new project it occurs when all Minifying are selected

But…trying different export possibilities comes out that unchecking only Minify HTML and CSS it works again

So minifying the Blocs.js is causing the issue?

i guess so

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