First time user - falling at first hurdle!

I have just started with Blocs. Having written my site in Rapidweaver 15 years ago, I felt it was well overdue a redo, and also for it to become responsive.
I have decided upon a design, but am falling at the first hurdle - the header to appear on every page.
I would like to recreate something like the header on the following page:

Nothing special, but I am really struggling to work out which Blocs and Brics I should be using. I think I have a reasonable idea of producing the page content, as that seems more straightforward, but could any of you spell out what I should be using for the header please?

I hope to be able to add back to the community in due course…

You can use two blocks in the top global area.

one for the logo and icons etc, and one only for the menu …

It would look good.

Thanks @nelo

I have been trying to do that, and I think there must be a fundamental disconnect between my understanding and doing!
I tried putting in a single column bloc, and then a bric to make up the logo, and then a text bric to the right of the logo with the name of my site (I know the referenced page has two pieces of text, one above the other in the top left corner), but can’t get them to sit right

For example, in the header of this forum page, there is the blocs logo, and then 2 rows of text adjacent to it. I would like something similar (but only one row of text centred in line with the logo)

I guess that is what I am trying to recreate…

depending on the sections that you are going to put, you can put several columns inside a row … ex. I attach a file for you to base, of course you will have to make many adjustments to make it look like you want, but it can serve as a guide

ejemplo-1.bloc (209.9 KB)

Thank you for the example file. I have downloaded it, and am just working may way through it to understand how you have done what you have done. I’m very grateful for your help so far (this is not my natural environment)

In your example, the logo picture and social links (logo bar) etc get hidden when you scroll down the page, whilst the menubar then scale slightly to stick to the top of the page.

I can see that the menubar bloc (bloc-1) has “sticky” ticked, but I can’t see this option available for bloc-0