First website with Blocs


my new website is almost finished now! I just have to add more photos into the galleries and duplicate the website (in English) as soon as I know that everything is working on the French version.


Let me know what you think, and if you find anything not working properly ! :wink:

Thank you to this forum and everyone who helped me on this project !


Hi Chris, very nice - good looking site. I haven’t looked at the whole site or tested any links yet, but the first thing I noticed (or didn’t notice) was your logo/name/watermark over the main hero shot. I think it needs to be a bit stronger, maybe with a slight outer shadow just to lift it a bit.
I realise the pictures change with each load, but I think it should work on all backgrounds, so a little stronger.
But yes, for a first site with Blocs - brilliant!

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Thank you Trevor for your feedback !
Some photos work better than others, I’m still not sure on which one I am going to use… But yes, you are right ! I need to remove/change some of the photos, or change the color of the logo/name/watermark.

Excellently designed website. :smile:

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Very nice, congratulations!

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Very well done.

For my taste it has low contrast issues in places making it quite hard to read - very pale grey on white, and the same for some text on the hero image.

I’d also like to see a lot less animation.

Unusually this site doesn’t have a menu pinned to the top of the page. On balance I guess it doesn’t matter too much on this site - scroll and explore.

Nice work.

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Thank you for the feedback @pauland !

I had the menu pinned on top at first, but got rid of it as I didn’t like it.
I’ve added a “scroll to top” (menu) button instead, if people want to go back to the menu.

As you said, scroll & explore :wink:

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