Fixed brics or Button in top level window

@Norm Hi I´m testing Blocs instead of Freeway Pro 7, I´d would like to fix the navigation Button in the upper left corner, but i can´t find how to do it, perhaps I can fix it with the Class manager, but it should not be an option, it should be bout in. Mainly in Sweden where i live the visitors use there mobile phones, . I would like to build responsive a Button meny as the following link. or

Are there someone who can give me an hint, I have only used Blocs for 5 hours

Are you wanting this button to call a menu? The navigation Blocs can be set to sticky, this makes them stay at the top of the page as you scroll.

Oh Yes, the button shall call a menu with several functions, but I have not tried with a navigation Bloc, Thanks

I must say you have built a really nice software… and it is only in version 2.4

Good work Thumbs up for all the Team

Sadly when I should try to Fix it, the Trial period was finished…

I have to stick to Freeway…

Under a period of 5 days, you work mail, calls, meetings, and so on…
so there are not a chance to sit 3 hours per day to evaluate a software.

Keep working on the software, it has a really nice UX design


Agreed… 5 days is too short.

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Yes we will be changing the trial period very soon. Blocs will have key features switch off after 5 days but will work in a limited state forever in trial mode.


Norm I had the same problem with the short trial period.
When I decided to switch from Freeway to Blocs and find out that the trial period is only 5 days I almost decided NOT to buy Blocs (fortunately I didn’t :wink:)
I recommend at least a 2 weeks period.

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