Flexbox not working with Custom Class

@Norm I need an immediate fix on this. Looks like the updated Flexbox is note working with Custom Class. I have set the the bloc 30% width and it doesn’t work anymore after update. NEED YOUR HELP!! I accidentally updated the site now the client is asking me what happens to it.

Here is the Custom Class Panel @Norm

FIXED ALREADY… I added a Max 30% to the Custom Class and it works like a charm HAHAHA

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I think the real message here is that there was no backup for your client site if things had gone wrong.


Yes @pauland is right, no matter what app you use for what task, always keep daily backups of client work…always!

Switch on Time Machine, it’s free and built into OSX, its saved my butt a lot the last 5 years. :sunglasses:


Agreed about a Time Capsule. Time machine is priceless.
I was looking at backup/sync apps last night funnily enough and I was aiming towards
Chronosync, Syncmate or Goodsync.
Any recommendations anyone?

I use ChronoSync for years now.
Perfect for everything: sync, backups, bootable clones, SFTP etc.
Lifetime upgrades for free.