Flexy Foot - BRILLIANT!

Hi all,

I have a small project where I have some small text on 3 pages and was messing around making the footer sit at the bottom so was sizing it etc…then remembered the Flexy Foot bric that @Malachiman made.

The bric is free but made a small token gesture and this works flawlessly!!! Its such a simple and brilliant little bric which saves a lot of messing.

I will pay something again when I use next time as this has saved me a lot of time!

I have linked the video here to this incase any newbies did not know about this bric.

Thanks Pete - brilliant work.


Yes it’s brilliant and I use it on every new site now as standard. Also adding it to old sites whenever they are updated. Pretty much all of Pete’s brics are essential and used all the time.



@Malachiman Thanks for this great bric :+1: :+1:


I love it and use it always :grinning: :+1:

Hi, does it work with Blocs 3.5.8?

I just bought it. On trust. (Always to be trusted, when it comes to the “Blocs people”! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) Yes, it also works with 3.5.8. :sweat_smile:

Soon I’ll buy a new Mac (I’m waiting for the iMac27 with M1), switch to Blocs4 and never have to ask these stupid questions again! :joy:


haha ! glad it works. Its a great Bric - works great.