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Dear forum, I am from Germany and new to Blocs. Used it for 3 days now. I started designing a long scroll-page for a fitness club. Due to a number of images and texts the page is quite long to scroll through completely. I have a navigation bar with some jump points (scroll to target) such as NEWS or PHILOSOPHY or CONTACT. Navigation should dissappear while scrolling down - and not be sticky.
I would love to see something like a floating object (e.g. an arrow) that is available/visible all the time to scroll back to the top with one click instead of scrolling all the way back to the top manually to get to the navigation bar.
Is this possible?

Thanks for your input…

Hi @seemee74, welcome to Blocs and the forum.

You can set a scroll to top button per page. It is usually on my default.

Found in the page settings (mine is unticked in the image below).

You can also style it with sub classes, (see 2nd image).

Ahhhh, thanks, Ok, it is a tiny grey arrow like object in the lower left corner.
It was active all the time, but I did not see it. It is possible to have exactely this one, but a bit more prominent?

Ok, seems I understood the class thing. Managed to color the thing red and move its position a bit. Did not manage to alter its size though…?!

You will not be able to change size/shape as it’s limited to changing the colour only. However, you could create your own STT button. I posted not long ago a sample file here:

You can change the size with

.scrollToTop svg

And set the width and height. This will change the icon size, you will have to also adjust the .scrollToTop

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But it remains an inspiring less icon getting more boring due to increasing its size :rofl: :grin:

I like my fancy button approach which could be anything.

Thanks a lot, I will give it a try… :+1: