Font Awesome - missing Python and PHP?


I have owned Blocs for a while (v2.something) but have only just started using it for anything meaningful today. Prior to that I just poked about and then ran away in fear (I do back end development, front end stuff and design in general is absolutely not my forte)

I am currently on 3.4.2

I have a question about font-awesome: does Blocs come with the full set? I cannot get the fa-php and fa-python icons to appear in searches in the Icon Font Manager, and I need both of these for my first project. Is there a way to unlock the full set?

I did find a python icon in IonIcons, but I’d rather only pull in one set of icons if possible, and Ion did not have the PHP one.

I did a forum search and this forum post seems to imply that the full free set should be available.

The icons I need do not appear to be in the Pro icon set.

This is more than likely user error, but tbh I’m a bit lost on my first day of serious blocsing! :wink:

I believe Blocs has a full set of the free Font Awesome icons, however it is a rather old version at this point and something I’d like to see updated. You can download the current ones from their site and add them to your project manually though as needed.


Hi Flashman, many thanks for your quick reply.

OK, that makes sense then - glad I was not being a compete idiot :smiley:

I presume that I have to download the set of SVG images, import them into the Asset Library and then pick them from there, is that correct?

I suppose I would need to change the icon brick to an image one too?

I’ve tried that in the past with the asset manager and it works, but I disliked having it packed out with hundreds of unwanted graphics, so I favour manually choosing what you want and just adding those icons to the asset manager. Yes add them as image brics, rather than icons.

Font Awesome has a CDN you can use. That way you don’t have to download them.

You can find it on their website.

Surely that has the downside of connecting to Font Awesome every time a page loads. Better to have it served from the web server I would have thought much like web fonts.

Not 100% sure to be honest.

I’ve used CDNs a lot in the past.

Thanks, will do!