Font Awesome noob

Hi everyone! =)
Noob question here: how do I get started with Blocs and Font Awesome?


Place an “Icon Bric” from the “Bric Bar” or the “Bric Library”: It’s the Bric that looks like a Star. :star:

  • Enter “Drop Mode” find the “Icon Bric” (Star)
  • Place the “Icon Bric” in your design somewhere
  • Exit the Bric “Drop Mode”
  • Double click on the placed star in your design (or the giant one in the “Appearance Panel” on the right), this brings up all the icons libraries that Blocs currently offers via the “Icon Font Manager”
  • Browse / Scroll / Search for what new “Icon” you want, click on it, that now is your new referenced “Icon”
  • Rinse & repeat, have fun!

Also see here in the docs:

Hope it helps your efforts.


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That helped a lot, thank you! =)
I’d also like to explain the origin of this stupid problem.
I remembered reading about Blocs working with Font Awesome, so I downloaded Font Awesome and… didn’t know what to do. I just didn’t know that Font Awesome was already integrated within Blocs. =)

On the topic of “Icon Font Manager,” why is it that we cannot search all the icons at once?

Why are we forced to click on “ET Line Icons” then type our keyword, then click “Feather Icons” and then we must RETYPE the same keyword, and then click on “Font Awesome” and RETYPE, then click “Ionicons” and RETYPE and then “Linecons” and RETYPE. It is unnecessarily tedious.

Is this a bug?

When you search it should search all sets at once, clicking each tab should give you the results for the search query for each set. I’ll double check this, could be a 2.4 bug.