Font Awesome Pro Icon Set

Hi Norm @Norm

Not sure whether this is too demanding…

For those of us who have Font Awesome Pro, I wish we could actually be able to add the icon set to Blocs 3 Library.

Would that eventually be possible ?



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As an FA5 Pro crowd fund backer myself, I have somewhat given up on a solution that meets the expectation I originally had for how FA5 pro symbols would be used.

I have not even looked at FA5 for months but when I last did look, they seemed to be trying to get FA5 pro users to use a paid for CND FA5 Pro delivery service. I suppose with GDPR comping along that this got scuppered.

You can of course just use the FA5 Pro SVGs as image icons.

It would certainly be a good option for Blocs to have the option to use FA5 (free) icons.

I know I can use the svg files but it would save not only time but also take advantage of all Brics or items in Blocs that enable the use of an icon. Indeed would be great that the free icons be updated.