Font Color

I have built the site with certain font colors and when I upload to server the live page has different color fonts. What did I do?

someone please advise. My site is live and looks like crap

Hi @MrKurtn

It’s almost impossible to analyze without the actual .bloc file :thinking:

Cheers / Johny

Thanks Jakerlund. here it is.

kWhour.bloc (763.4 KB)

kWhour.bloc (763.3 KB)

Hi @MrKurtn

When i compare your .bloc in Blocs 2.6.5 and Blocs 3.0.7 to your live site they seem to look the same… or am i missing something?
I tested your lice site in Safari, Firefox and Chromium.

Could it be a browser cache thing, so you’re seeing an older cached version on your live site with the wrong colors?
How does the site look in your browser?

Thanks Jakerlund. I eventually changed one of the headings and everything went back to normal. It must be cache though if you were able to do it with out issue.

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