Font help

Hi all,

Every now and again I get an installation font issue - sometimes I have asked the client if they are happy with a google font which is close - but this time I can not.

I have a font that a client has given me which they paid for - its for all their media work.
Its a .ttf font and it will not install at all.

I open font manager, local web fonts, select + and the font will not open at all.

Any advice !?

Are you trying to select the actual font file? Because you are only supposed to select the directory the fonts are in.

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Hey, @Malachiman thank you!

The font was emailed to me and I was trying to just add the font itself - as its just the one weight. I just placed the font into a folder of the same name and added it - all good now, thank you.


Maybe bookmark this page :grin:

Sort of explained here.


I already have! :joy:

problem I have or still slowly getting out of is I used 3 platforms for a while, and now i’m 95% blocs my mind has been trained in the ways of the others so much that I just expect the things to happen. Like adding a font for example, normally I just add them as stand alone and all done. Blocs is different in so many ways - but once i’ve done the it - it sets in stone.

The only thing I am kind of struggling is when you said use DIV containers for over layering. On Elementor this is so simple, get an image - and give it negative margin or simply drag it over - tell it to go infront or behind and BOOM! done. Blocs this is sooooo hard, but you know what - Im just telling clients, it can not be done.

I need to see what the power of using DIV containers can bring me. Will get there !

Cheers @Flashman thought i could have gone straight to the font its self, but now im a folder - all good. When I downloaded the fonts the other week, there was several and all in a folder, so that worked. This one was sent by itself. All good now.

Fixed that for you :joy:

Once it clicks you will get it.