Font / Line ratio - Mobile First?

I am not sure if “twofor” questions are allowed but…

  1. I was looking at some web sites that discussed responsive design and font to line ratios for different size devices. In terms of view ability they recommended different ratios based on the device.

Do the breakpoint views in BLOCS take that into consideration (pre programmed) when displaying? Or do you use some other factors since there so many size devices and dual orientations of many device?

  1. Other sites expressed a Mobile first design orientation. Do those of you that design sites for customers use this philosophy or does the built in breakpoints of BLOCS make this a mute point?

Thanks in advance.


Blocs “default” text settings are across the board when using the standard H1, H2, H3, H4, P settings. If you have P set for 16pt with 24pt line height it will be that on all devices.

But you have the ability to control them on all three breakpoints. Example: Open class manager, click on the P class and and then set the desired size for the desktop, tablet and mobile. I think if you search the documents Norm did a nice video showing how this is done.

Hope this helps.

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Mobile First is a “design” practice, and built-in break points shouldn’t have any effect other than what point you move to the next larger size.
The concept is pretty simple, you start your design at the smallest screen size, and then move to the next larger screen size and keep going larger.
The principal behind mobile first is that it should be easier to expand to a larger screen size than try to squeeze things into a smaller screen, which fit fine on a larger size screen.
Kind of like moving furniture, it’s easier to move to a larger house and spread things out or add more, than trying to move to a smaller place and squeeze stuff in.
Try to avoid the mistake of thinking mobile only, instead of mobile first. Depending on your market, you probably still have a huge percentage of visitors using desktop browsers with even larger screens than in the past. I’ve seen quite many sites that forget the larger screen sizes, things like hamburger menus on larger screen breaks.

Great comment. It relies mostly on using good old common sense. I watch the device stats on all my sites and your exactly right, the desktop is not dead. I’ve also found that depending on the targeted audience it can tilt the stats drastically.

Thanks for sharing.