Font problem with iPhone


I solicitate you because of a redundant problem I have with fonts on each project i do with ; maybe i omite or do badly something, or maybe a problem with the app (as you’ll see there Home i think doing well, or not ?) ?

The fact is that everything goes well with fonts on all devices (all resolutions) : mac, ipad, android, but problem on iPhone (Safari as FF as Brave, it is thus logically a problem linked to the display resolution, but as shown there Home I indicated the good font to each resolution : dy default parent with Roboto as main default in pref and all inherited, as by style in each resolution suggested by

If someone has an idea it’d be very helpfull,

Still there → Home
.bloc →
Ok all displays, nope iphone :melting_face:

If you connect your phone to your Mac you can use the safari dev inspector and have a look at what’s happening.

Good idea, gonna look this now, thank you.

You have to turn it on under safari - advanced on your phone if you haven’t already.

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Never been in Advanced : ) searching cable and looking for this thanks

101 web development. Make friends with the inspector :joy:

Ok first of all, thank you again, didn’t knew this, I am happy to discover this possibility which will serve me well for future projects.

About the problem, I start thinking it has to do with the app, indeed :

  • I activated all css extended parameters (also just discovered), thinking it may be my iphone, nope, still problem.
  • And with the Inspector, everything look correct, with effectively SOURCE SANS 3 as “calculated” (screenshot with the first H1 selected of this page → Home


  • Fonts are properly defined with .bloc, even in two basic ways → Home
  • Fonts are properly exported in respective folder as published as online
  • It’s well “calculated” in the Inspector
  • It’s ok on all displays/devices
  • But not my iPhone 8 (also yours ?) - even all extended .css parameters ON. :melting_face:

Wtf what’s going on ? :exploding_head: Discouraging :melting_face:
Gonna report this to Norm if no issue, no reason, and with all my blocs projects…

( the very basic page Home on the iPhone…)

Works for me.

If as you say all the CSS is correct it’s not blocs.

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There’s a handy plugin for Safari on mobile as well. No cable needed :smiley:

Yes, I find using the Mac easier though. I’ve tried something similar before.

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Ok thank you, that means that it has surely to do with my own iPhone 8 (wtf :flushed:) - even all css activated.
I shall have started asking first friends with their iPhone :upside_down_face: :smile: ( I was a thousand miles thinking that such a situation would be possible from one iPhone to another)
Anyway my 8 is obsolete, not aserious problem ; overall, in fact, it’s quite comforting. :grinning:
Thanks Pete

Edit : thinking… also FF as Brave, then nothing to do with Saf but THE iphone (hardware ? Soft “Core”… ? intriguing)