Font: Which colour when »no color set« selected

Hello everyone,

I’m a bit puzzled how font colours are selected / displayed, when the default option »no color set« is active.

For example: I choose a »styled« bloc, e.g. the iPad Air with the autumn-leaves background and the text displayed next to the device.

I now change the background image - for another image or a solid colour.

In my case, the heading 2 »Another great feature« stays white, while the paragraph »Lorem ipsum …« turns to a dark grey. Both are set to no color set.

The same happens, when I change the background image of a hero bloc. What’s more: On a dark background, the font will (preview in browser) sometimes be displayed in light tone (good) or in a dark tone (not so good).

I could of course change the colours manually, but there seems to be a system behind »no color set« that I don’t understand. It would, of course, be great, if contrast between font and background colour would adjust automatically. Can you help me out?

Thanks a lot,


I haven’t confirmed this but my best guess is the typography settings in the project settings under color.

Hi Cincyplanet,

thanks a lot! Typography settings in the project settings are a good idea, but this effect concerns also text that has a class, e.g. »mountain-hero-text« and, as far as I understand it, this should overrule the global settings.

I’ve found out, however, that the text with no colour option is set to »auto« (only visible when right-clicking). So I assume it should detect wether the background calls for a light or dark font. This doesn’t seem to work too well, though, you sometimes get a black font on a dark background and vice versa.

Maybe there’s something I didn’t quite understand yet, as for now, I’ve reverted to assigning a colour manually for each headline / paragraph, as I’m using a variety of colours and images as backgrounds.



So, I think I’ve figured out how »auto colour« works:

»auto colour« apparently looks for the background colour of a bloc, even if it’s a full screen image (hero bloc) and you can’t see the background. So if you use a dark hero image, instead of changing the colour of each font manually, you can just set the background from white to black and the fonts will appear in white (and vice versa of course).



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