Fonts in Class Manager Not Working

I installed Tangerine from Google Fonts and it’s not working in the Class Manager. In fact NONE of fonts, even the ones that came with Blocs are working in the Class Manager. I can’t get anything to chnage.

It works for paragraphs but not in the Class Manager

Any ideas or what user error am I causing now?

Update - I went to Project Settings and changed it there. But it’s my understanding that if you create a class, all font options should be available.



Thats because that text is a navigation link.

Go to the FILE - Project Settings Menu, select the T icon and then in the object drop down select navigation links. You can change the colour there, it will also add a class called ‘navbar-nav li a’ to the class manager.

Or you can actually just make that class yourself in the class manager.

You can also use the class name you already have with the class manager and create ‘topnavigation a’ thats your class with a space and then an ‘a’. When you save it, you will be asked if you want to keep the space. Select “No, leave space intact”


Thank you!