Fonts Not Working


Software I’m using:
MacOS 10.14.6
Transmit 5.6.3
Blocs 3 4.4

I am building a site using Blocs. I’ve exported all my files and transfered them to our 1&1 server via the Transmit Mac desktop app.

Now that you have a little background, my fonts aren’t working. I’m using Gotham book and bold and I added them via the font manager. I cannot figure out why the font is appearing correctly on my computer, but not showing up on other people’s computers (it’s appearing as I believe Times New Roman on other computers). Any ideas? I’m pretty new to Blocs/web design so I probably just don’t know what I’m doing!

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 1.03.04 PM

I looked at the “inspect element” on my other computer and “Font Family: Gotham-Bold” was crossed out as well as the font size… It also says “Failed to decode downloaded font” and “Parsing error”

That’s a premium font from Hoefler & Co, who primarily want people to use their premium priced subscription service.

Assuming you have purchased a package I would get back in touch with them to verify why the font formats are causing these errors, because I am pretty sure this is not caused by Blocs. Have you tried to load desktop fonts in error? I would normally only expect to see an error like this if the font format is corrupted in some way.

Interesting - I havent tried loading other fonts but I could give it a shot.

I work for a company and this is our corporate font that’s used across all our sites. I pulled it from our fonts folder at work. It’s weird that it works on other Blocs pages at our company. The person who built those pages is currently on vacation. We did have a programmer code a search engine which was placed in the Blocs site. I wonder if that could be causing issues?

It’s a beautiful font and particularly popular in the US where it has been used for all sorts of advertising campaigns. I believe Obama even used it for his electoral campaigns if my memory serves me right.

I once tried it through their subscription service that applies the styling via CSS much like Google, however it caused slow loading web pages for some reason. It’s hard to see how adding a search engine could cause this though.

It’s really quite expensive as a font download and I was talking with somebody very techy a couple years back, who works for one of the biggest technology/science websites on the internet. He complained about the font formats they provided for web usage, though I’d have to go through my old emails to find the problem he mentioned.

I didn’t realize it was linked to Obama’s campaign - that’s fascinating! Well, potentially you are correct in that there’s something wrong with the font. I’ll check in with our web manager when he returns from his vacation - I think he may just need to take a look! Thank you for your advice/thoughts. I’ll try uploading a new font to see what happens.

I’ve just found it in Wikipedia, so it must be true :wink:

Hello, does the wikipedia fix work?

Recently, I also finished creating my blog. I have no such problems, so I can assume that there can be many reasons, and they can be diverse. We have already listed enough ways to fix the error. By the way, it is a very interesting fact that this font was used by Obama in his campaign. I also have a favorite Knockout Font, which I use very often, and I think it brings me good luck. You can find a font that suits you well, try and be unique.

That font is also from Hoefler & Co. They do beautiful fonts, but the prices are at the high end.