Form Add-on to create sophisticated forms

Hi there.
A year ago, there was a bric/bloc add-on one could buy for approx. $80, with which one could create large, more complicated forms (with hidden fields, calculating, if/then, several pages, progress bar,…).
Now I can’t find this bric/extension anyomore, neither in the blocs-store, nor on google.

Could anyone help me find it?

Many thanks!

I am not 100% certain, but at that price I suspect it was from Blocs Bakery and they seem to have disappeared. I cannot ever recall seeing them engage on the forum.

Don’t know if anyone has this working in Blocs but this might be worth a look.

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I use Easyforms. (


Hi @Mattheus
I see a lot of Envato Market plugins are for Wordpress sites.
They have a $59 Instagram feed one, but I assume that can’t be used with Blocs.

Hi Andy,
that is true. A lot is for Wordpress. Easyforms is a standalone, you can easily implement it into a website or use it in many other ways.

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That’s a shame, that’s a really slick plugin. I’ll stick with Lightwidget.