Form error

Hi, I get an error when I try to submit a form on a website I’ve created.
It’s been uploaded to the server and the email address used is from the same domain.

Are there any other ways of troubleshooting this?

@gman Some of the following might help you with a better community response:

URL, Screen shot, screen recording, error message etc

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Sorry, you’re right.

It sounds like your site is hosted where PHP or the MAIL SEND is not available. Take a look at this to see if it is:


Hello @gman, after you check what @Hypnoman told you and if you have php and mail send available in your host provider, then I was looking in your code, and please check if you have this folder and file in your exported files:

1º “includes” folder.
2º “form_2.php” file.

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i got that message when i tried to change form id.

You might want to change the links for your social icons as they point to caboozi @gman :wink:

Hi Hypnoman,

Getting an error when I try your link.

Error with this link?:

I just tried it and it’s fine

The link seems to work now.
When I create the PHP file, upload it and try to visit the link, I get a 503 error (see attached).
I also do have the ‘includes’ folder and the ‘form_2.php’ file (see attached).

The site isn’t fully formed yet, hence the social media icons. Although I’ll probably remove them as the client doesn’t have these yet.Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 17.23.11

It’s actually called phpinfo.php not infophp.php - but it still will not run.

I assume in the infophp.php file, all you have is this text:


If all you have is that text, then I suggest contacting your host provider’s support. It looks like your site can not access the php interpreter.