Form field ID - Can this be simplified?


I am fairly new to Blocs, and need help specifically with the form portion of my website. When a customer fills a form out online and submits it, the email I receive is a cluster of information. For example, on Blocs, my form ID for the name is “Name.” That being said, however, I cannot use the same ID (“Name”) for a different form, so I am forced to label the two separate form fields differently. For example…

“Quote_Name” and “Service_Name”

Once the customer fills out the form, it is then emailed to me with the following format…

“Quote_Name: John Smith” or “Service_Name: John Smith”

My question is; is there a way to simply have the form sent back to me in a cleaner fashion than the one you see below…

Any help on the matter is much appreciated!

  • Hawk

Hi @5280hawk, this is already fixed and implemented on 2.4 Beta. You can try it out. Just do a backup of the .bloc file first :slight_smile:


@mackyangeles - Thanks for the tip! After downloading the Beta, the issue seems to have been resolved. Looking forward to learning more!

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