Form Field ID

I am working on a website with many pages. On many pages there is also a form. On the form field ID I fill in the desired name, but somehow somewhere something magical happens and the field ID has changed into the name and a series of number; for example like this: naam-44243
How can I prevent this?

Forms are working great in blocs.
Sure you handle the Id section wright?

Kind of work creating a form:
Take care of each and every VALUE you want to set.

I have a site that has multiple forms on a page. Each form has to have its own ID. Once I create one Blocs creates its own ID. Mine are all form_23434 as an example.



absolutly right!

Was struggeling a lot over the last two years.

now I just name the values but not forget to set the form id.
Stilla bit aworkaround but sure @Norm is aware.

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Well every page has only one form. I rename all the input field ID; name_12345 to name, adres_12345 to adres etc.
so far so good, I save the project, start on another page and al of a sudden the form on the page I had finished has changed the ID names… again to something like name_5678 etc.
Also there is a date picker in that form, which also changes the ID inside the code, so the date picker doesn’t work…

Does the form work on the pages?

If yes, it works fine.

Personally the numbers of blocs disturb me only minimally.
Because they only appear in the answer.

If you want to avoid this you MUST give the form an ID, i.e. rename the displayed ID.

I am not a professional!
Find it great that blocs offers this since 2.3 and that it works.

Form Blocs Version 2.6.5

Form Blocs Version 3.0
Here I placed the form in the footer

I leave the form development up to @Norm as there are major hidden tricks, also security wise.

I myself often freaked out until the form finally worked, and it was always my mistake in the settings (blocs, but also servers).

Translated with

Well the form itself works and to be honest; the strange naming like “name_12345” doesn’t bother me that much either. But for the guy who will receive the mails I would like to have it more tidy.
The biggest problem is the date picker. In it’s HTML code now suddenly is also that strange ID, causing the date picker not to work.

I can´t replicate this issue as the date picker works fine on my projects.
You might want to send a bug report linked with your project so the guys have a chance to dig in deeper.

Whats happening here, after you give a form an ID its replacing it on export?

No clue, on my projects all fine.
Trie to understand the issue, tried to help, but guess I am out.