Form not working

I have created a form and when I submit it it says the message has been sent, but nothing appears in my inbox.

Any ideas?


@Stubbsy - what kind of domain is the email?, gmail, yahoo etc?

Did you check the spam / junk folder?

Might need SMTP setup if server rejected it.

Remember that your form needs to be “live” (your site needs to be uploaded to your hosting service). Previewing your site/forms while it’s on your local drive will not work!

I happen to have the same problem. I tried the Blocs2 trial (sadly ran out already) and uploaded a simple form here..

Host is running on php7 (tried it on php5.6 before too without any success). I even used an email address, used by the domain / host. Nothing happens. Spam folder is empty, not email to be seen.

If this can be solved, I’ll instantly purchase Blocs2. Any help really appreciated. Keep in mind though, my trial ran out, so I cant recreate the simple site with Blocs :frowning:

Have you contacted your hosting service to see what might be going on? This is using a pretty simple method.

Thanks Scottin. Should’ve thought about that earlier. I needed to set a standard address in my php script settings.

All golden now :slight_smile: Off to buy Blocs…


It came through, eventually. Took a few hours though, but it worked. Cheers though

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