Form PHP incorrectly generated

Hi. First time posting but I am hoping someone could help me.

On my website I have contact forms on numerous pages. Some have stopped working. I have checked the PHP file attached in the “include” folder and the PHP for non working forms have all changed to around 900 bytes in size while the working PHP files are 1 or 2 KB in size and contact a lot more data than the non working ones.
I am no PHP programmer but even I can see a big difference.

Is this a programme glitch? I have contact Blocs but no reply yet.
Many thanks in advance

Hi Al, I had a similar thing recently and it was ‘user error’. ie:me!
I had inadvertently pulled a label out of the group with its box to fill in (the label for email was moved out of the box that should contain both it and the box the end user adds their email to).
Blocs generates a pho file, but it was wrong and caused the form not to send, even though the site told the viewer it had been sent successfully.
Might not be your problem, but worth a look.

Hi TrevReav,

Thank you so much. You are indeed 100% correct.

Unaware, I had added a new checkbox just outside of the form and this did indeed cause the problem.

Thank you again.
Kind regards,

Exactly whet I did initially! Good, pleased to be of assistance.