Form problem

I need help. I’m trying to make the email form work, but
does not send.
What do Type ‘Self Hosted and Custom’ mean?
What settings does Type Custom require?

The Self Hosted Type Send To address will be sent to your chosen address eg What address should I put in the From field?

I have named all the unique ID’s.

Do you have any sample page to test your form?

I usually configure the form

Captura de Pantalla 2020-02-28 a la(s) 11.28.40 a. m.

Hello, I have sent a message, but I do not see the alerts, I have tried a form from my server with your two emails.

Did you check if there are any settings on your server that may be preventing the delivery?

I never have problems with this and I think the issue so many people are seeing is related to the From address. Try putting in the cPanel username for your web hosting account @ your server’s name as provided by your web host.

The sendmail function on some hosting servers prevent the sending of emails to generic email services such as gmail. This is to help combat spam emails being forwarded by a compromised webform. I would get yourself set up with an email address with your domain name and use that for email notifications. In most cases this will solve the problem.