Form server problem

Hello everyone, I have a big problem with the form bric…Schermata 2020-07-10 alle Schermata 2020-07-10 alle 14.09.53|126x499 12.08.57 and this is the form settings panel.
I’ve checked the provider and it supports the php as well as the form and all its elements have 1 single ID…but I still have this problem. Can you please help me somehow? Thank you so much

Without knowing any of your settings, it’s a complete stab in the dark, but here goes:
You have relevant send and receive fields filled in within the Blocs setup for the form?
Sometimes if receiving email is gmail, yahoo or similar non domain specific there can be problems.
make sure you haven’t inadvertently dragged any name or field input from the form outside of their allotted areas. Check in the layers tree and everything should be within their little group (name title with name input field etc). This is the one that’s caught me out before.
Best of luck.