Form Spam

I have a client that is spammed like crazy. I noticed that recaptcha has not been implemented in form bric (which should be of hi importance but reading through the posts the developers must not agree. What does everybody use for spam protection? I don’t want to switch to wordpress.

I am always bemused by posts like this merely because I have lots of websites and never receive spam from any of them apart from my web design site where I see one or two emails a week from companies in India trying to sell their services.

The other sites never receive spam email and I am not using any fancy tricks to try and stop them. These are straight forms in Blocs, but they do use the slider rather than the tick box for consent and perhaps that is foiling the automated spammers.

It goes without saying you should have strong spam filters on the server, but I don’t know if they would work on website forms, because the mail would be routed locally unless you are sending to something like a gmail address. I have removed most of my websites from Cloudflare but they have very good tools for keeping spammers and bots away from websites, so you could consider adding the site to Cloudflare as a possibility.